You Don’t Need To Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt


“You just need to love with everything you have left. It will be enough.”

Thought Catalog

momothexplorer momothexplorer

You can’t treat every love like it’s your first. First loves are for learning. You learn to love in a way you didn’t know was entirely possible. You start to believe that love is something you’ll experience, not just hear about. You trust that someone else might want to take the time to get to know your weird quirks and complexities, and they might even love you anyway.

Everything is new. And you, however unintentionally, feel bound to whoever opened you up to this. You feel closer to them than anyone else who has ever shown a romantic interest. They exposed part of you, they showed you how much you have to offer.

And when they’re gone, you stop being reckless, open, and excited. You no longer have the ease of knowing someone else’s reactions, their humor, their body. You’re at square one. Again. Except this time with you’re…

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