Just parts. Not whole.


Driving home from work today I was pondering the attraction that two humans can have for each other. And I was thinking about how interesting it is that God made us have these unique and passionate desires and how sad it is that we mistake them for something that they’re not.

I guess what I’m tiptoeing around talking about is the difference between love and lust. There’s one quote from the movieĀ Love and Honor that I kind of took some encouragement in for a while, as strange as that is. Liam Hemsworth says to his pal and fellow solider in Vietnam Austin Stowell who is heartsick over a girl at home, that “…there are a million other girls out there with the same parts in all the same places.”

His friend replies, “But there is only one Jane.”

Yes, this girl was a semblance of parts that are in reality, not all that unique or special. But to him, they made up the whole that was Jane and that was his whole world.

I guess I found encouragement in that quote because while I was going through a rough time, I kept thinking that I hadn’t just broken up with the only guy that there was in the world. There were still plenty and they were generally all alike in the ‘important ways.’

Now I have a pretty different perspective on that whole thing. I was thinking about what really sets me apart from the rest of the girls on the planet and to be honest, I couldn’t come up with a whole lot of special uniqueness. So I started thinking, if there isn’t anything special about this body or particular life, what do I have to offer? And then I realized that that’s where God comes in.

Surely, for one guy out there, it’s not going to be about the parts that I have but the whole that I am. I think that’s how two people know when they’re right for each other because suddenly all of the little things matter less and the big things matter more. When you crave soul connections more than physical ones. That’s magical.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense here, but this really was a bit of a revelation for me.


One thought on “Just parts. Not whole.

  1. Jessica

    I like these thoughts. Not sure what I think on if there is a soul mate for every one of us out there or if you could end up falling in love with various different people and it would work out okay, but I do think I believe that God will give us a spouse that will completely complement our personalities and love us for everything that we are, not just for things that any woman could be, but all the complex characteristics that make up one individual. Great post Sarah!

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