Something that I miss.


My posts have been so heavy lately. Because my thoughts have been a wonder storm and I haven’t quite known what I was thinking until I read it later on. But I thought it was definitely time for a lighthearted post. Again, thanks to a prompt I found on Pinterest.

The prompt: Something you miss.

Impossible to name just one thing, so I’ll name a few.

I miss how it felt when I was little and had $20 to spend on vacation. I felt wealthy and privileged. Now, I wonder how long $20 is going to last.

I miss the way it felt running through the sprinkler in the back yard. I felt like a fancy little model in my one-piece bathing suit. I would frolic around in the water like I was a dancer. My dad would hold me right over the steady stream and I would shriek and laugh my head off.

I miss high school dances. Having filthy feet, ruined hair and disgusting amounts of sweat. But the biggest smile and the best time just dancing with friends as if we didn’t have to go back to school Monday and be normal people again.

I miss spending my summer days at my grandparents’ house. Making a mess, eating candy, and going to the playground with grandpa after he got home from work.

I miss the way my dad and I used to say goodnight, touching our thumbs together- our secret thing.

I miss Saturdays spent simply playing with my brother. And I miss reading Junie B. Jones and making him so mad by not showing him the pictures on purpose.

I miss going to my old church. It was so tiny but at the time, I was so small that it all seemed so big. I would sit on the heater vent in the sanctuary to keep warm on cold Sunday mornings.

I miss friends who eventually went separate ways.

I miss the simple, beautiful moments of being in love.

I miss simplicity.

Basically, I miss the times when I could be a carefree child. When my mistakes were smaller, my expenses were smaller, my problems were smaller, my worries were smaller.

Don’t get me wrong, growing up has its perks. But the nostalgia I have for the days that came before is overpowering sometimes.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories? What’s something you miss?


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