My heart: 6 ways to win it


I found a pin on Pinterest the other day that had 30 intriguing writing prompt ideas. Since I don’t really have any immense wisdom to share today, I thought I might try one out… 😉

6 Ways to win my heart:

1. Anything cheesy and cliche- The brushing back of my hair just before you kiss me, randomly singing/texting song lyrics to me just because they remind you of me, watching a chick flick with me and brushing my tears away as I cry over some made up couple’s love story, opening the door for me (which a gentleman ought to do anyway!), forehead kisses, surprise flowers/ chocolate… You get the idea.

2. Talk to me about God. Tell me your testimony. Offer to pray with/for me.

3. Play an instrument/sing really well and be confident about it.

4. Roll your sleeves up to just below the elbow. Brownie points if the shirt is plaid.

5. Induce in me genuine laughter.

6. Be a thoughtful conversationalist. Really get involved in conversation with me. Listen to what I have to say and then have something intelligent to say back. I’m not interested in endless banter and flirtation attempts. I want to talk about the conundrums of life and have someone relate and actually care.

Okay, so of course there are so many other things that I admire in a man that are important to me. But if you can check these things off of the list, you’re well on your way.

What does it take for someone to win your heart?


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