Thoughts about the ‘forbidden’ topic of sex.


I am 18 years old and up until the past year, I have always considered sex a fairly taboo subject. I thought that it was something that I wasn’t allowed to think about, let alone talk about. I was allowed to start ‘dating’ at a y
oung age and I had my first kiss in middle school. From that moment on I was no stranger to how boys minds work and how they try to “put the moves on”. I’m no prude, I am perfectly okay with touching and kissing- I won’t get into the details on this.

I have attended church on a regular basis since I was born and have been saved since I was old enough to understand what that meant. I have always tried to live an upstanding Christian life and I’ve always wanted the same for those closest to me.

I started dating this guy about a year ago that means the world to me and I am the most comfortable with him that I have ever been with anyone. He isn’t perfect, and neither am I. Sexual tension is something that is a struggle for us. This is no surprise, God DID make us sexual beings after all.

I have dealt with a lot of guilt and personal belief issues due to this. Why? I don’t think I was prepared enough for this. I was warned about touching and being alone with a guy and all of the things it could lead to. But no one prepared me for the thoughts of “how far is too far?” and “is this really wrong?”.

I think that Christians should talk to each other a lot more frankly about sex and temptation and what they can do to your relationship and values in general. Most of the sex talks I got in church were on the basis of “sex is not for you. Don’t do it unless you’re married.” But here’s the thing- that’s not the end of the conversahandstion! Sex is fantastic (OR so I am told) but it TRULY was created by God to be for married couples only. Through my personal experience here are some tidbits that I have learned:

-God does not hate you for making out

-God wants you to abstain from sex until marriage- and for the right reasons

-God wants awesome sex for us- with our spouses

-Jesus was tempted TOO. WE ARE NOT ALONE. Temptation CAN be overcome

**** I think the most important thing of all to remember is that we are LOVED by our Creator and He wants love back from us. If we love our God and strive to serve Him in all things- even our relationships, He will be glorified and He will bless us beyond what we deserve. AND keeping our focus on Him, will help put into perspective why we are waiting and will help make it easier to bear temptation.

PLEASE NOTE: By no means does this mean that I have everything mastered yet. I’m still fighting my own battle with lust. BUT I do have an understanding of what needs to happen in order to conquer it and have a lasting and meaningful relationship with the one I love, and for that reason, I thought I should share with others who may be having the same struggle.

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