Thoughts About: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


I finished TFIOS yesterday and am still suffering from the belief that Augustus and Hazel are real people who suffered a real sImagetar crossed lovers’ tragedy. While I suppose in some respects there are metaphorical Augustus’s and Hazels around the world battling the vicious disease of cancer while trying to enjoy living and loving, I still can’t disconnect myself from the emotional attachment I feel for their particular story.

It just doesn’t seem fair. But as Augustus would say, “the world is not a wish granting factory.” Oh, how true it is.

I can’t even begin to pretend that I did not completely bawl my eyes out for the last few chapters of the book. It’s that good. Everything they say about it is TRUE. It’s adorable, it’s heart warming, it’s funny, it’s heart breaking. Perhaps what hurts me the most is that it is so real. The feelings they feel, and the fight they fight is so real. John Green ingeniously makes us have no choice but to be emotionally invested, it’s brilliant.

I finished the book of 313 pages in a little over 24 hours after starting it. I couldn’t put it down. The charisma of Augustus and the wittiness of Hazel captivated me. I loved everything about their story.

One thing that bothers me after reading the book is- why did they not get Isaac (Augustus’ and Hazel’s friend) a seeing eye dog?! I mean, unless he or someone in his family was allergic to dogs, I feel like a seeing eye dog would provide him some companionship after having been dumped by his girlfriend Monica.

I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone. I tried to get my boyfriend to read it too but alas, it is too much of a “chick book” for him. I cannot wait to watch the movie and have my heart ripped out all over again. Because with the sweet romance Augustus and Hazel, you don’t mind being hurt. Not one bit.


One thought on “Thoughts About: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

  1. 1. Ok, I never once thought of the seeing-eye dog dilemma. Haha, you crack me up!
    2. “John Green ingeniously makes us have no choice but to be emotionally invested…” Oh my goodness, yes! For me that’s the mark of a good book or movie–when I’m so emotionally invested that I’m feeling what the characters are feeling.

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